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This event, organised by UNWTO and the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil in cooperation with the UN Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD) provided an opportunity for senior officials, academia, industry representatives, donor agencies and development institutions to debate and set recommendations on how to advance the role tourism can play in global development, while addressing the poverty gap.


Twenty years after the first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the international community is gathering again in Rio to renew its political commitment to sustainable development and address new and emerging challenges. Two themes will at the heart of discussions: (a) a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication; and (b) the institutional framework for sustainable development.


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About Rio+20

Rio+20 — the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-22 June 2012 — is a historic opportunity to define pathways to a safer, more equitable, cleaner, greener and more prosperous world for all. It is a chance to move away from business as- usual and to act to end poverty, address environmental destruction and build a bridge to the future.

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Journey to Rio+20

  "A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a first step"                                                                           &nbsp

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Rio+20 Side Event: Green Innovation in Tourism


Av.Ayrton Senna, 5.555, Barra de Tijuca
Rio De Janeiro
22° 57' 30.6756" S, 43° 21' 26.442" W
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19 June 2012
22° 57' 30.6756" S, 43° 21' 26.442" W
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Institutional and Corporate Relations
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