Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Any donor
International Finance Institutions
Geographical focus: 
East Asia and the Pacific
South Asia
Thematic focus: 
Tourism in general
Energy in Tourism
Infrastructure in Tourism
Trade, Investment and Competitiveness in Tourism
Sustainability of natural resources in Tourism
Intro text: 
2015: 57 Founding Members, and the 4th CNM was organized in Beijing in April 2015. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank (MDB) conceived for the 21st century.

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Geographic focus


Who can apply?

Member countries or agencies and entities or enterprises in member territories as well as international or regional agencies or entities concerned with the economic development of the region.

As the functions and purpose of the Bank focus on the economic development of the Asia region, the Bank could be authorized to provide financing to recipients located outside the region that contributes to the economic development of the Asia region.

Objectives and activities

Objective: Its modus operandi will be lean, clean and green: lean, with a small efficient management team and highly skilled staff; clean, an ethical organization with zero tolerance for corruption; and green, an institution built on respect for the environment.

Activities: AIIB will focus on the development of infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia, including energy and power, transportation and telecommunications, rural infrastructure and agriculture development, water supply and sanitation, environmental protection, urban development and logistics, etc. The operational strategy and priority areas of engagement may be revised or further refined by its governing boards in the future as circumstances may warrant.

Address the daunting infrastructure needs in Asia, to promote interconnectivity and economic integration in the region. Lending goes for example to projects as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road.

Type and level of funding

  • make, co-finance or participate in direct loans;
  • invest in the equity capital of an institution or enterprise;
  • guarantee loans for economic development;
  • deploy Special Funds resources in accordance with the agreements determining their use; or
  • provide other types of financing as may be determined by the Board of Governors.

Level of finaning is not yet definied.