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The Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a flexible small grants program funded from Australia’s aid budget and managed through 66 of the department’s overseas posts. Allocated budget 2014/15 = $22 million

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Who can apply?

Projects and programmes with developmental outcomes, and consistent with the foreign and trade policy, and public diplomacy objectives of the Post. All projects funded by DAP must qualify as Official Development Assistance (ODA) submitted by individuals, community groups, NGOs and other entities engaged in development activities in countries that are eligible for ODA:  Attention should be given to projects providing direct benefits to those most in need in the local community, including vulnerable or disadvantaged groups, children and youth. DAP projects should be aimed primarily at achieving practical and tangible outcomes, such as on poverty alleviation, community health; schools/education; small-scale infrastructure; rural development; youth; gender equality, the environment and ad hoc humanitarian relief. Projects that support people with disability to improve the quality of their lives through accessing the same opportunities for participation, contribution, decision-making, and social and economic well-being as others are strongly encouraged. The focus should be on activities that have a direct, practical, immediate impact, including capacity building projects, particularly in the areas of governance and human rights engagement. Consideration may at times be given to small-scale community activities that have prospects of eventually generating commercial benefits where the community can demonstrate to the satisfaction of post that proceeds from the activity will be reinvested in the project. Proposals must be clearly defined with specific outputs, submmited to Australia's overseas post. Assessments of applications by post DAP Committees are made primarily on the basis of the supporting information supplied by applicants. Prospective applicants should contact the relevant Australian Embassy or High Commission for their application forms and procedures.

In addition, consideration is given to the following issues:

    applications should clearly detail the expected developmental impact of the project, for example in terms of promoting community development, education, health, gender equality, disadvantaged groups, and environmental sustainability;

    DAP projects must be sustainable, oriented towards self-help and should not rely on future DAP grants. Submissions should demonstrate a commitment on the part of the local community to implement the activities and sustain them;

    appropriate institutional support arrangements must be described, for example, the level of recurrent costs generated and evidence of capacity to sustain these costs in the longer term;

    details of the extent to which the DAP activity might act as a catalyst for further development of the target community or a model for similar projects elsewhere;

    preference is given to innovative and creative projects, particularly those using low technology solutions.

Funding: according to yearly budget,  (max $60,000 / project)

Objectives and initiatives

    Advance developmental outcomes in Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible countries with projects primarily focussed on practical and tangible results

    Support Australia’s wider foreign and trade policy interests and public diplomacy objectives, including promoting a distinctive and positive image of Australia

    Have a wide geographic reach reflecting that Australia has global interests and that DAP provides a low cost and effective way, particularly for our small posts with multiple accreditations, to build relationships and maintain Australia’s profile, and

    Help multilateral posts build support – through the International Development Fund (IDF), a sub program of DAP – for multilateral agendas that Australia wishes to advance and to support ODA-eligible projects that, inter-alia, enable developing countries to participate in international meetings.

Type and level of funding

flexible small grants