CZECH REPUBLIC - Czech Development Agency

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Tourism in general
Intro text: 
The Czech Development Agency is an implementing body of the Czech Development Cooperation primarily focused on design and execution of bilateral development projects. 210 mio US $ total ODA in 2013, = 0.11% of GNI (bilateral = 57 mio = 27%, multilateral = 153 mio = 73 %), Tourism = 0.01 % of toal ODA (=10,000 $)

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Who can apply?

NGos, association of businesses

Objectives and initiatives

The main tasks of CzDA are to identify, formulate, implement and monitor projects in priority partner countries, to award grants to NGOs and to conduct professional training for Czech ODA staff.

Type and level of funding

technical cooperation, cooperation in the fields of economic and social infrastructure, financial cooperation (gifts, loans, microgrants) debt relief, assistance for refugees in the Czech Republic, the granting of government scholarships, development guidance, development cooperation training and awareness, development research, and the building of the capacities of nongovernmental organizations active in development cooperation. Delegated cooperation.