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In 2014 the EIB also set up a Neighbourhood Finance Facility (NFF), a EUR 3bn facility under which financing will be extended at the EIB's own risk (i.e. without EU guarantee) in the Eastern Neighbourhood region, including Russia, and the Southern Neighbourhood (FEMIP) region.

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Geographic focus

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Who can apply?

SMEs, Public sector entities, …

Objectives and activities

Objective: The Bank's activities in the region promote growth and employment, intraregional trade, and help to protect our common environment and to mitigate climate change by supporting low carbon and climate resilient growth. To  finance projects that promote prosperity and increased regional integration, which contributes to the stability of these regions and helps forging stronger intraregional partnerships.

Activities: The facility enables the Bank to support EU Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) as well as infrastructure projects such as transport, telecommunications and energy in the region.

  • local private sector development, in particular support to SMEs,
  • development of social and economic infrastructure, and
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Type and level of funding

The current EUR 4.8bn mandate runs from 2014 to 2020 and covers Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Since the first EIB loan signed in 2003 and until the end-December 2014, the EIB has signed 77 operations totalling EUR 6,039 million in the region for major investment projects (including 18 operations for EUR 1,175 m in 2014).