Fund for Special Operations (FSO) - Inter-Amercian Development Bank

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Geographical focus: 
Thematic focus: 
Tourism in general
Social inclusion and Poverty reduction in Tourism
Intro text: 
Less advantaged countries receive benefits from resources of the Fund for Special Operations (FSO), whose assets are made up of contributions from IDB member countries.

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Geographic focus

 Bolivia, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Paraguay and Haiti.

Who can apply?

Governments from countries that apply to the Creditworthiness, Performance and Per Capita Income criteria.

Objectives and activities

Objective:  It works to reduce poverty and inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean and to promote sustainable economic growth.

Activities:  Implementation of multilateral debt  relief and concessional finance reform at the IDB. Proposal for the implementation of a Debt Sustainability (DSF) and Enhanced Performance-Based Allocation (EPBA) framework, which presents an enhanced performance-based allocation system for the distribution of Fund for Special Operations (FSO) resources, under a blended lending structure, based on the DSF/EPBA criteria.

Example: Regional project: 'Tourism and Value Chains for the Majority.'

Type and level of funding

FSO resources, which totaled $9.8 billion as of the end of 2009, are used to provide concessional loans to the poorest countries of the region: Bolivia, Guyana, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Management proposes an annual allocation for the D2 countries (except Haiti) of US $277.6 million in FSO financing for the 2015-2016 allocation period.