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The NEPAD Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (NEPAD-IPPF) Special Fund aims to assist African countries, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), specialized agencies and related institutions by providing grant resources. The key priority of the Fund is the mobilization of additional resources from the donors that are interested in infrastructure development. Date of agreement: September 2004.

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Who can apply?

Target Beneficiaries:

All RMCs of the Bank Group, RECs and specialized regional/continental institutions for infrastructure development are eligible for the NEPAD-IPPF Special Fund resources. The proposed activity must aim to support regional infrastructure development in the focus areas cited above.

Objectives and activities

Objective:  The IPPF directly contributes to the objectives of the MTS, Regional Integration Strategy which retained regional infrastructure as a strategic priority sector. In addition, the regional focus of the NEPAD-IPPF makes it a key contributor to regional integration by interconnecting the infrastructure of countries and regions of Africa.

Activities: The NEPAD-IPPF supports regional infrastructure development projects in the following sectors: transport, energy, ICT, and water resources management. NEPAD-IPPF provides grant resources for:

  • Preparing high quality and viable regional/continental infrastructure projects with a view to requesting financing from public and private sources;
  • Developing a consensus and partnership for project implementation; and
  • Promoting infrastructure projects and programs aimed at enhancing regional integration and trade.

Type and level of funding

To date, a total of 43 projects have been approved for total commitments of US$ 29.469 million across regions. Financial assistance is provided in the form of grants.

Current volume of the fund: US$ 46 million.

Financial contributors: Canada (CAD 10 million – equivalent to USD 10.29 million), Denmark (DKK 17.7 million – equivalent to USD 3.3 million), Germany (Euro 1 million), Norway (NOK 45 million – equivalent to USD 8.16 million), Spain (Euro 2 million) , UK (GBP 5 million – equivalent to USD 3.2 million), USAID (USD 1 million), AfDB (UA 6.3 million – equivalent to USD 9.9 million) and Danish Fund for Technical Assistance (DKK 5 million – equivalent to USD 0.9 million).