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Investment climate teams of the World Bank Group contribute to tourism sector growth and competitiveness by facilitating and supporting catalytic private sector investments while enhancing the policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks to improve public sector performance and private sector profitability.

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Developing countries worldwide

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Governments from Member Countries

Objectives and activities

Objective: Our tourism specialists bridge the gap between technical advice and investment know-how, bringing a unique and practical perspective to assist governments in fostering private sector-led sustainable tourism development. Our core expertise in regulatory reform works in tandem with an investment-oriented approach, ensuring that reform work is driven by market realities and relevance. Our aim is to help client governments identify key constraints to growth and competitiveness and then mobilize programs to remove them. We then work with our clients to source investments that help stimulate the tourism economy and generate jobs.

Activities: Scoping – Defining the issues and opportunities: Our work starts with a diagnostic scoping process which draws on in-house information, established benchmarks and indicators, as well as in-country research. When combined with our 50 years of experience investing in hotels and other tourism infrastructure and in promoting tourism investment in emerging markets, we quickly focus on key issues and opportunities. Priority challenges, risks, and opportunities are defined, discussed, and validated with stakeholders. We then determine the potential for a project and define its focus and approach.

  • COMPONENT 1: Streamlining business operations – Improving competitiveness
  • COMPONENT 2: Mobilizing investment – Triggering growt


  • In Sierra Leone, we worked to secure the sale of a derelict, government-owned 200-room hotel on prime beachfront land.
  • In India, the team is working to upgrade and enhance tourism infrastructure and services in India’s Buddhist Circuit, which spans two of India’s poorest states.
  • A landmark agreement in 2011 launched the development of a $3 million eco-lodge in Mozambique’s Maputo Special Reserve, a 70,000-hectare prime protected area.

Type and level of funding

The World Bank Group works with a wide array of partners in its investment climate work. Partners play a key role in financing and helping deliver greater impact. The financial support they provide enhances development impact on client countries through strengthened collaboration. They finance country and regional programs as well as global initiatives.

  • Investment Opportunity Creation – assisting client governments in prioritizing and appropriately packaging tourism assets for investment.
  • Investment Procurement – working with client governments in designing and implementing investment procurement strategies for public-private partnership transactions, concessions and leases.
  • Private Sector Participation in Protected Areas – assisting client governments in designing and implementing concession frameworks to secure quality tourism investment.