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The Middle East and North Africa Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MENA MDTF) was established in 2012 to support the transition currently underway in many countries in the MENA region. Since then, it has provided over $13 million in technical assistance grants to almost 30 activities at both country and regional level. Despite being a relatively small trust fund of little less than $16 million, it has nonetheless played a catalytic role in helping to deliver reform.

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Geographic focus

The Middle East and North Africa

Who can apply?

National authorities, NGO's, International Organizations, …

Objectives and activities

Objective: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) provides donor funding to support countries in the region that are currently undergoing historic transition and reform.

Activities: Aligned with the World Bank’s strategy for the MENA region, the MENA MDTF has pursued its four strategic priorities:

  • Strengthening the Governance Framework;
  • Increasing Social and Economic Inclusion of disadvantaged groups (e.g. youth, women, the poor, rural populations, minorities);
  • Creating Jobs for the unemployed and underemployed, including for youth and women;
  • Accelerating Sustainable Growth through short and long-term policy actions that promote climate-friendly growth.

The cross-cutting themes of gender, regional integration and a competitive private sector are also fundamental principles of the Bank's regional strategy and are supported by the MDTF.

Type and level of funding

The MENA MDTF is financed by the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and the UK. In 2015 the budget of the fund is aimed at USD 10 206 573. Financial assistance is provided in the form of grants.