SLOVAK REPUBLIC - Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic - Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (SAIDC)

Geographical focus: 
Thematic focus: 
Tourism in general
Social inclusion and Poverty reduction in Tourism
Sustainability of natural resources in Tourism
Intro text: 
The mechanism of providing development assistance was established in 2003 by creating the institutional, legal, and strategic framework for the Slovak development programming. Since 2003, Slovak Republic has been engaged in bilateral development assistance programmes and projects carried out in the developing countries, in addition to providing multilateral assistance and humanitarian aid.

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Who can apply?

Embassies from partner countries, small organizations, NGOs

Objectives and activities

    Reducing poverty and hunger in developing countries

    Promoting sustainable economic, social, and environmental development in developing countries

    Ensuring global peace and security, in particular by enhancing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and good governance in developing countries

    Promoting universal access to education in developing countries

    Improving the quality of basic healthcare services in developing countries

    Promoting economic cooperation with developing countries

    Raising public awareness of the developing countries’ needs and of the developmental assistance provided  by Slovakia

Type and level of funding

Block grants, Small grant scheme, micro-grants, trilateral cooperation, loans with grant element, financial contributions, and scholarships.