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The Sustainable Transport Initiative Operational Plan provides details of how ADB will update its operations in the transport sector in line with Strategy 2020. ADB will focus on creating transport systems that are accessible, safe, affordable, and environment-friendly.

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Who can apply?

Projects related to infrastructure from the public or private sector from Developing member countries (DMCs).

Objectives and activities

Objective: The STPF will act as a catalyst to support the preparation and implementation of innovative forms of support for sustainable transport within individual ADB operations


  • The partnership window of the STPF will provide a mechanism for donors, research institutes, and NGOs to provide financing, expertise, and in-kind support to contribute to the work of the STI to improve and increase ADB’s operations to support sustainable transport.
  • The Innovation window of the STPF:
    • Policy advisory work on sustainable transport. To support DMC transport strategies and policies that provide incentives for the development of low-carbon transport—including through land-use planning, hybrid and alternate fuel vehicles, fuel economy norms, traffic demand management, and sustainable financing mechanisms.
    • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies for sustainable transport projects. For example, heavy and light rail, metros, bus rapid transit systems, public transport services, franchising structures, service rationalization, paratransit, and cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.
    • Finance “add-on” components to existing projects that enhance sustainability. For example, safety components, traffic management, fleet renewal and replacement with low-emission vehicles, integrating public transport systems and ticketing, bicycle hire schemes, and establishing revolving funds to finance sustainable transport improvements leveling in cities

Type and level of funding

The partnership window: support through this window:

  • Financing contributions. For financing the STI operational plan, the regional technical assistance, or specific elements of these. This may include donor financing of partnerships with centers of excellence (such as reputable institutes and NGOs with expertise in specialized fields of transport required for the STI).

  • Expertise contributions. Provision of specialized expertise required for the STI core group  and for other possible STI roles through provision of staff on secondment, fixed-term staff, and long-term consultants. This may include self-financed contributions of expertise by centers of excellence.

The innovative window of the STPF will provide grants to finance the measures.

The operational plan will leverage ADB’s support of $3 billion–$4 billion annually for investment in sustainable transport, with considerably more from cofinanciers.