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The United Nations-World Bank Fragility and Conflict Partnership Trust Fund is a multi-country, multi-donor trust fund that supports partnership activities, fostering a closer relationship between the United Nations (UN) and the World Bank (WB) to promote a more effective and sustainable international response in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS).

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Who can apply?

Applications are received on a rolling basis for proposals that have been developed jointly by UN and the World Bank Group teams, show alignment with the Strategic Results Framework (SRF) and towards the broader strategic objectives of the two organizations, as well as in support of country priorities. The SRF outlines a number of goals and activities that aim to strengthen the collaboration between the UN and the World Bank in FCS.

All applications are reviewed and approved jointly by the World Bank and the UN.

Objectives and activities

Objective: Three main objectives:

-        Improved regional and country-specific collaboration at strategic and operational levels;

-        Strengthened institutional co-operation and communications on policy and thematic issues;

-        Increased operational policies, frameworks and tools to facilitate co-operation and cross-financing.

Main activities: Main areas of work: Peacebuilding Processes and response to fragile conflict-affected situations (FCS).

Type and level of funding

Grants. To date, grants have averaged between USD 100,000 – 200,000, with proposals of up to USD 500,000 considered on an exceptional basis, going to support projects in Mail, South Sudan, CAR, DRC, Liberia, Yemen, Jordan/Syria, PNG and Honduras, as well as global initiatives to improve a collective response supporting Core Government Functions, Justice, Extractive Industries, PCNAs and Civilian Capacities in FCS settings. Funding is currently provided by the Governments of Switzerland and Norway.

Funding is available, via a single application and approval process, for WB-executive activities through the main fund, administered by the FC Group, and for the United Nations, the implementation is via parallel funding managed by UNDOCO.