United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation

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The Fund was established in 2005 for promoting and supporting South-South and triangular cooperation. Since the establishment of the Fund, it has received contributions from over 30 countries as well as from funds, foundations, and International and bilateral organizations, totaling more than USD 21,5 million, with USD 12 million received during the fourth cooperation framework for South-South cooperation (2009-2013).

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Who can apply?

Programme-country government or another partner (also called a third party), such as donor government, can contribute with resources to specific programmes or projects.

Objectives and activities

Objective and main activities: South-South cooperation is a broad framework for collaboration among countries of the South in the political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and technical domains. The objectives of South-South cooperation are interdependent and mutually supportive and contribute to the broader objectives of international development cooperation: foster self-reliance of developing countries by enhancing their creative capacity to find solutions to their development problems in keeping with their own aspirations, values and special needs; knowledge sharing, strengthen the capacity of developing countries to identify and analyze together their main development issues and formulate the requisite strategies to address them; improve the capacity of developing countries to absorb and adapt technology and skills to meet their developmental needs; increase and improve communications among developing countries, leading to a greater awareness of common problems and wider access to available knowledge and experience, as well as creation of new knowledge in tackling development problems.

Type and level of funding

Contributions can be open or earmarked for specific South-South and triangular cooperation initiatives agreed upon between a contributing country or donor entity and the UN office.