United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF)

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The Fund was established in October 2006 for post-conflict peacebuilding initiatives. The PBF constitutes an essential component of the enhanced UN architecture to provide for a more sustained engagement in support of countries emerging from conflict and will support peacebuilding activities which directly contribute to post-conflict stabilization and strengthen the capacity of Governments, national/local institutions and transitional or other relevant authorities.

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Who can apply?

Countries can apply for the Fund. Typically, a country’s first encounter with the PBF will be in the form of one or more IRF projects, up to a total of USD 3 million, to address the immediate peacebuilding need. Obtaining the eligibility for countries to receive PRF or to expand the IRF portfolio up to USD 15 million. There is a formal request to submit for eligibility.

Objectives and activities

Objective: support activities, actions, programmes and organizations that seek to build a lasting peace in countries emerging from conflict.   

Type and level of funding

The PBF funds through two different facilities. The Immediate Response Facility is designed to jumpstart peacebuilding and recovery needs. It is a flexible and fast funding tool for single or multiple projects up to one year in duration. Proposals submitted by the senior UN representative – that meet the criteria – may receive funding within three weeks. The Peacebuilding and Recovery Facility is designed to support a more structured peacebuilding process, driven by national actors based on a joint analysis of needs with the international community. When a country has been declared eligible to receive funding from the PBF, the Peace Building Support Office (PBSO) established a country allocation based on the approved Priority Plan and delegates project approval authority to a Joint Steering Committee co-chaired by the national Government and the United Nations.