Workshop 'Project Development in Tourism for LDCs'

18-20 October 2011, Geneva (Switzerland)

At LDC IV in Istanbul the United Nations Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD) was officially launched. As a result, various LDC stakeholders approached the SCTD Agencies to request assistance to better assess tourism development-related needs which had been already identified in their Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS), and to possibly benefit from Agencies’ support in preparing Tier 2 project proposals.

In order to respond to these LDC requests, the SCTD met on 21 June in Geneva and agreed to hold a first workshop in October 2011 with those LDCs having manifested a keen interest and readiness to embark in projects aimed at developing their tourism sector under the EIF, with the assistance of the SCTD. This workshop built on the momentum generated at LDC IV on tourism development as a means to reduce poverty, to progress on the dialogue, project formulation and resource mobilization for LDCs.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for tourism focal points to have a better understanding of the EIF and how its mechanisms can be utilised to develop comprehensive tourism strategies and action plans where these are not yet in place, as well as the leveraging of human and financial resources to respond to the priority interventions. Some 10 LDCs participated at the level of EIF Focal Point/NIU Coordinator of the National Focal Point for Tourism Development, as well as their representative in Geneva.

LDCs participating in this first SCTD workshop are those who have identified tourism as a priority sector of intervention in their DTIS, and have manifested at LDC IV a keen interest to work with the SCTD initiative to develop EIF Tier 2 projects, namely: Benin, Burundi, Cambodia, Comoros, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Maldives, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

LDC participants were requested to hold in-depth consultations on tourism development at the country-specific level with all relevant stakeholders before coming to the workshop. They will also be requested to prepare country-specific presentations on the needs of the tourism sector and the implementation of their EIF Action Matrix.

The workshop helped identify specific tourism-related needs of LDCs and match them with SCTD Agencies willing to partner by proposing targeted and concrete interventions. The Agencies and LDCs were encouraged to commit to organizing in-country follow-up consultations with the relevant stakeholders of EIF and Tourism development. It is expected that the LDCs, with the assistance of SCTD Agencies as well as the EIF Executive Secretariat and the Trust Fund Manager, will subsequently be able to prepare corresponding Tier 2 project proposals by end 2011, for local approval and subsequent submission to EIF Board endorsement by mid-2012.

The workshop 'Project Development in Tourism for LDCs' was held at ITC, in Geneva, during three days according to the initial programme.


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