UN Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD)


The United Nations Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD) brings together the tourism‐specific experiences and state‐of‐the‐art tourism expertise of each of its members with a view to creating synergies for a more coordinated, effective and efficient delivery of technical assistance to developing countries, thus complementing their efforts to build up a competitive national tourism sector.

In 2010 it launched an initiative for a more cohesive approach to tourism development at the international level.

Since then, nine key international organizations have joined forces and formed the   United Nations Steering Committee on Tourism for Development   with the objective of strengthening the developmental impact of international tourism.

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Assisting LDCs and developing countries

The SCTD provides specialized tourism assistance aimed at maximizing tourism´s capacity to support countries in reaching development goals, while preserving their cultural and environmental assets.

Supporting LDCs access to funding mechanism

To facilitate the implementation of the tourism for development services, the SCTD has identified the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) – an Aid-for-Trade mechanism for LDCs – as a key source of funding.

The EIF is a multilateral trade capacity development initiative that supports LDCs to become more active in the global trading system. The EIF is currently implemented in 46 LDCs and supported by a multi-donor trust fund with contributions from 22 donors. SCTD will work closely with national focal points to help identify the sustainable tourism development priorities and formulate joint proposals and activities according to EIF principles and procedures.

To support the delivery of an integrated service for tourism, the SCTD will build on the strength of each agency and programme to identify and mobilize financial resources necessary to respond to developing countries' needs. As an innovative institutional framework for Delivering as One for Tourism, the SCTD will also explore the possibility of creating a Multi-Donors Trust Fund for sustainable tourism development in the future

UN Steering Committee on Tourism for Development
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