Resolution adopted by the UN general Assembly

65/173. Promotion of ecotourism for poverty eradication and environment protection

Please answer the questions below and provide examples/ share experience, where relevant, that apply to your Organization/entity:

3) What percentage/amount, if any, of financial resources are committed towards eco-tourism activities? How much (estimate USD) per annum comes from core funds or extra-budgetary?

7) What measures are considered and recommended in order to promote the full participation and involvement of local and indigenous communities in ecotourism initiatives and/or ensure the full empowerment of women?

8) Which specific actions would your Organisation recommend in order to increase the contribution of ecotourism to poverty reduction, employment generation, empowerment of women, local and community development, preservation of natural and cultural heritage including those of the indigenous communities, and to promote sustainable development?

9) In your opinion, what should be the contribution of the UN and Specialized Agencies as well as regional and international financial institutions in promoting ecotourism? What specific actions would you recommend?

In ecotourism programmes?
In poverty eradication programmes?
In environment protection programmes?

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